Mareven launched the production of Rollton brand products in Kazakhstan

International investment holding Mareven Food Holdings Ltd. has implemented a priority project for the construction of a factory of instant food products in Kapshagay, Almaty region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. New production and logistics complex will provide a wide range of products not only to residents of the republic, but also to Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, China, Mongolia and other countries.

Mareven Food Tien-Shan wide-scale project was implemented in a short time: it is one year from the conclusion of the investment contract with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in May 2017 to the launch of mass production in June last year. Four lines have been gradually launched, which now produce a wide range of products: noodles, traditional pasta and broths under Rollton brand. The planned capacity of the factory is more than 50 thousand tons, or more than 400 million packages of finished products per year. This quantity will meet the growing demand of consumers in the countries of the Eurasian region

Mareven Food Tien-Shan is one of the major investment projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the implementation of which was completed in 2018. This is not only new jobs: the factory already employs more than 370 people, and with the expansion of production, their number will grow up to 500 people, but also the development of the economy of the region as a whole. We support local agricultural producers, because we buy Kazakh wheat of excellent quality for pasta production. We are developing the trade and logistics base of the region said Mr. Do Xuan Hoang, a member of the Board of Directors of Mareven Food Holdings Ltd. ‘The cargo turnover capacity of our logistics center exceeds 60 thousand tons per year.’

Successful implementation of this investment project was carried out with active support of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, akimat of Almaty region, akimat of Kapshagay and JSC ‘Kazakh Investment’. Installation of new production lines and increase of production volumes up to 80 thousand tons of finished products are planned by Marevan Food Holding Ltd.. Total investment in the project will exceed $50 million.

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